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Mirjana Vrbaški: Odd Time, the artist's first monograph, cuts to the core of Vrbaški’s practice: A ritualistic search for states of quiet tension. Accompanied by Koen Potgieter’s insightful contemplation, Odd Time juxtaposes Vrbaški’s austere portraits of women against cryptic forest scenes from the Dalmatian coast. Modelling the book after the asymmetrical musical rhythm known as “odd time meter” and native to Southern European musical traditions, Vrbaški composes a visual sequence that celebrates the hidden over the obvious. In an era insistent on knowing and controlling, Odd Time opens space for a dissonant experience of the world. 

Design: Hannah Feldmeier

Text: Koen Potgieter

Lithography: Jan Scheffler

Publisher: Kerber Verlag

Limited Edition of 600 

Hardcover, raw cut

17 x 22 cm

64 pages

24 color illustrations



ISBN 978-3-7356-0765-2

Copyright © 2023 Mirjana Vrbaški
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